Since the beginning, the human being has contributed with his handcrafts to build up his own earth paradise. The sign of mankind marks every possible paradise on earth.
Dino  Gavina

  • Pierre Gonalons - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Pierre Gonalons

    Pierre Gonalons is a designer and interior architect based in Paris.

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  • Roberto Matta - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Roberto Matta

    Roberto Matta, internationally renowned artist, designed for Dino Gavina Malitte seating system (1966) and the functional works of art Margarita and Sacco Alato for Ultramobile collection (1971).

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  • Tobia Scarpa - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Tobia Scarpa

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  • Kazuhide Takahama - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Kazuhide Takahama

    He completed his architecture's studies in Tokyo and began working in Kazuo Fuioka's studio. He comes to Italy in 1957 at the Triennale of Milan and here he meet Dino Gavina with whom he will work for a long time.

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  • Dino Gavina - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Dino Gavina

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  • Mariyo Yagi - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Mariyo Yagi

    Japanese artist born in Kobe, Japan. He has been awarded many awards, including the Urban Arts Prize in Mauberge (France) in 1995 and the Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Prize, the 21st edition (Japan) etc.

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  • Man Ray - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Man Ray

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  • Calori & </ br>Maillard - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Calori & Maillard

    Calori & Maillard, are an artistic duo formed in 2009. Their collaboration combines architectural (Calori) and cinematographic (Maillard) training in a real and surreal practice.

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  • Novello Finotti - Designer - Paradisoterrestre

    Novello Finotti

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