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Mariyo Yagi

Environmental artist born in Kobe, Japan. Recipient of many awards, including in 1995 Urban Art Award, Mauberge (France), in 1999 Urban Design Award, Toyonaka City (Japan), in 2003 Honorary Doctorate of Humanities (Anaheim University, USA), and the 21st Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize Merits Prize (Japan). From 1973 to 1976 she worked for Isamu Noguchi. 

In 1973 at Venice Biennale she met Carlo Scarpa who introduced her to Dino Gavina. The Bolognese entrepreneur was immediately fascinated by the prototype of Garbo by Mariyo Yagi and he started the production.

Mariyo Yagi has realized numerous large-scale works in cities and natural regions throughout the world, in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Her poetic art works resonate with her NAWA principle: a metaphorical rope composed by a spiral of “you” (NA) and “I” (WA). She has found her own global vocabulary: an infinite array of spiraling forms. From 1980 through the present, she has created art-scape that incorporate plazas, gardens, fountains, earthworks and community art works. She has a canny ability to transform communities and the built environment through her unconventional interactive art practice. She shows every sign of moving forward with new ideas and new challenges. Her work continues opening new vistas and possibilities for imagining a better world.



Garbo R - Mariyo Yagi - Paradisoterrestre

Garbo R

Mariyo Yagi

Garbo Q - Mariyo Yagi - Paradisoterrestre

Garbo Q

Mariyo Yagi