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Pierre Gonalons

Pierre Gonalons is a designer, interior architect and creative director.
Born in Lyon with an Italian cultural background, he possesses a vision of design that combines an echo of decorative arts and popular culture to a minimalist design. He sees his time as an exchange between the past and the future, and his work, being deliberately between the anonymous and the spectacular, gives priority to the expression of the material and how it is used, be it in a modern or a traditional manner.
A 2002 graduate from Camondo in Paris, Pierre Gonalons founded Ascète in 2003 when he was 25. Ascète, whose creations he all signs, proposes a collection of furniture, lamps and objects.
In 2012, he presented his first solo exhibition of limited edition furniture PAVILLONS for the Armel Soyer Gallery, which was also presented at the Design Miami Art Basel. In 2015, he presented his second exhibition PALAIS at Armel Soyer, which consisted of a collection of furniture made from French red marble.
In 2016, he began a new stage by introducing the edition under his name PIERRE GONALONS, a new production of furniture, lighting and objects that mixes the popular culture of his classical inspirations with exceptional materials.

For Paradisoterrestre, he has designed a line of creations inspired by the pleat, the reverse of things, the verso which is usually hidden, a poetic concept that takes us beyond a simple shape.
Moreover, his design for an exclusive fabric is a tribute to the Gavina history : from the Fiori Futuristi to the Bauhaus and the Kinetic Art, Dino Gavina all passions in the 70s..