Carpet “All Around”

Year: 2018
First Production: paradisoterrestre 2018
Material: Wool and bamboo silk.
Size: 300 x 200


After my first collection for ParadisoTerrestre “The Other Side” in 2107, I wanted to give continuity and shape to this poetic design con-cept in 2018 with the “All Around” collection. The title suggest that we should looks beyond an idea or a creation instead of being focused on the topic and the result, maybe some interesting things could hap-pens. It means that after having look below, look around.
This carpet is a new proposal for a non-square shaped rug. After “The other side” and its pleat, The carpet “All Around” is an optical game. It plays with colors between the round and the oval. It’s also a wink to the Gavina’s 70s creations, between surrealism and pop art.

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