Collection “All Around”

Year: 2018
First Production: paradisoterrestre 2018
Material: plywood base and back, polyurethane foam structure covered with cotton velvet Kvadrat.
Collection: Chair, armchair, sofa 2 seats, sofa 3 seats


After my first collection for ParadisoTerrestre “The Other Side” in 2107, I wanted to give continuity and shape to this poetic design concept in 2018 with the “All Around” collection. The title suggest that we should looks beyond an idea or a creation instead of being focused on the topic and the result, maybe some interesting things could happens. It means that after having look below, look around.

This concept takes its inspirations into the revolutionary creations of the designer Kazuhide Takahama for Gavina. His sofa concepts were simple, innovative, beautiful, and I just tried to apply the lesson. It’s also a wink to the city of Bologna with the thousands of columns along its streets.

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