Collection Marcel

Year: 1965
First production: Gavina spa
Materials: Shaped polyurethane, polished aluminum brackets. Removable wool fabric manufactured by “Kvadrat”.
Limited edition: “Futuristi” fabric. Designed by Pierre Gonalons and produced by Pierre Frey. The exclusive fabric Futuristi is designed to cover the limited edi-tion of the Marcel sofa designed by Kazuhide Takahama. The de-sign mixes the dynamism of the futurist art movement and the graphism of the kinetic art, two art periods liked by Dino Gavina.


The Marcel collection, a seating system developed in 1965, was a tribute by Dino Gavina to Marcel Duchamp, his dear friend. Sofas, armchairs and pouf designed by the architect Kazuhide Takaha-ma, are the result of the fruitful and long-lasting artistic collabora-tion with Gavina. This new type of modular system, based on a never-ending num-ber of possible combinations in space, was unknown to the tradi-tional definition of furniture and based on large shaped polyure-thane blocks supported by aluminum brackets. Starting from the pouf in its elementary form, Tahakama designed a series of com-plementary elements that combined functional as well as figura-tive needs, reinventing both the form of the seats and their sup-ports. The production of the Marcel collection fits with originality in the design of the ’60s and has long influenced the Pop aesthetic, thus affirming creativity but also methodological rigor and industrial in-novation. Takahama’s aim was the search for a lasting quality in the long run together with a timeless original form.

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