• Altabella 23 – emerald green

Altabella 23 – “Portare acqua al mare” – (Bring water to the sea) – Emerald green

Year: 2017
First production: Paradisoterrestre
Material: Murano blown glass, satin finish
Colours: Emerald green, ochre yellow, cobalt blue
Size: L 26 x P 14 x H 30 cm


In January 2017 Calori & Maillard in collaboration with Paradisoterrestre and MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (Bologna Museum of Modern Art) took part to Art City, an event linked to Arte Fiera Exhibition with an exposing project called Causerie- conversation, set up in the well-known Gavina shop located in Bologna 23, via Altabella, designed by Carlo Scarpa.

The work Altabella 23 – Portare acqua al mare (Bring water to the sea) a limited number of Murano blown glass vases, designed by female artists Calori & Maillard in exclusive for Paradisoterrestre, refers to the architectural design of Gavina’s shop, in its turn inspired to the form of those urban cuts, so distinguishing Venice architect’s works.

In fact, the architectural element in double circle is propounded once again, present both in the widths of the front and in the details of one of the columns as well as the cobalt blue, ochre and green tones chosen by Scarpa inside the room. Murano glass is the denomination which characterizes the artistic glass manufactured in Italy, that’s why vases – being a tribute to Scarpa – are blown specifically by Murano Master Glassblower Simone Cenedese.

The work is manufactured in a limited series of 10 pieces per colour.

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