• Festuca Lapis by Tobia Scarpa | Paradisoterrestre
  • Festuca Lapis by Tobia Scarpa | Paradisoterrestre

Festuca Lapis

Paradisoterrestre Edition 2020
Materials: Carrara marble
Dimensions: nr. 2 blocks cm W 60 D 30 H 60 | in W 23,6 D 11,8 H 23,6

Unique piece + 1 AP


“The paradise on earth is an abstract dimension and when it is referred to man it becomes his prison. Man can only get rid of it with imagination, invention, through thought and the birth of manual skills. Albrecht Dürer’s engraving Melencolia I represents one of these puzzles.

Some of the secrets of Melencolia I have triggered my curiosity as an architect, discovering the origin of the alleged block of stone (object of invention) prompted me to investigate. The result was the creation of two sculptures, one in iron and brass, the other in marble and a print.

Melencolia I is not an easy-to-read artwork and it is full of secrets made up of elements in mutual relationship. Of all these, we love those that relate to the shape of objects: what does it mean to wonder about the large block of stone that we later discover to be a crystal?

To the question: is there a crystal in nature of that size? The answer is no, I don’t think so. What hidden energy or thought leads to such a great thing? Where is it from? The magic square appears to justify it, in it geometries emerge that underlie the shape, but not its size.

The analysis of the magic square allows to bring out geometric designs that are compatible with the realization of such an unusual polyhedron. In reality that polyhedron responds to a geometry of nature which is, to some extent, realized during the crystallization of calcite, even if in nature it is not so evident. One can only glimpse the nature of the bonds that build the whole melancholic artwork.

In the print entitled Geometrie Nascoste, certain magic squares are analyzed through the paths that connect each number with its next: a game through which it was possible to highlight the links between the parts and their essentiality.

And so what relates each single number to the next has become understandable. This is a first step, we could go on and on.”

– Tobia Scarpa

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