• Nuvolo 58 - Fiori Futuristi by Giacomo Balla | Paradisoterrestre
  • Fiori Futuristi by Giacomo Balla | Paradisoterrestre

Fiori Futuristi – Nuvolo 58

Year: 1918 – 1925
First production: Simongavina Paradisoterrestre 2004
Materials: mirror steel
Dimensions: cm W 32 D 32 H 58 | in W 12,6 D 12,6 H 22,8


Steel sculpture produced in a limited edition of 400; each piece is engraved with ‘Dino Gavina, Centro Duchamp, Fiori Futuristi acciaio, Giacomo Balla’ and the identification number.

It all began in 1968 with a letter sent to Dino Gavina by Luce and Elica, Giacomo Balla‘s daughters, where they asked the Bologna entrepreneur for reproducing the Fiori Futuristi drawn by their father.

The first wooden models by Centro Duchamp were reproduced with absolute precision thanks to the passion of Cesare Bellici and Elio Marchegiani, who brought the original drawings by Giacomo Balla to Bologna and here they followed with their utmost care the work of transposition into the technical drawing, essential element for their production.

Afterwards, thanks to the development of new technologies based on CNC machines, the metal sheets could be easily cut, thus producing materials in series at a speed which was unbelievable only a few years before.

This new element let Dino Gavina think to use steel to create the Flowers by Giacomo Balla and make even more Futurists those flowers which were previously made by hand in colored wood.

This is confirmed by Balla’s writing, found at the base of a draft cardboard of a Fiore Futurista: “To be rebuilt with the materials of your time”.

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