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Garbo Q

Paradisoterrestre Edition 2017

First production: Sirrah, 1973
Materials: enameled steel structure, fabric fringed wires, 3 leds
Colours: white ceiling lamp, white fringe
Dimensions: cm W 23 D 23 H 160 or 300 | in W 9 D 9 H 63 or 118,1


A cascade of sparkling light, a see-through wall of wires moving with a breath of air, a magical presence. Garbo may be used to divide rooms or to emphasize something exhibited.

Square-shaped ceiling element with applied white fabric fringe, easily removable, washable, heat-resistant and fire-proof, height adjustable.

Applied both individually or side by side, with their casual and random placement, they live freely in the space. They are bright diaphragms separating an area without limiting it since you can cross them. Placed in front of a window they look like floating against the light.

The name Garbo was suggested by Dino Gavina as a tribute to the actress Greta Garbo, evidencing its unique beauty and elegance.

Garbo has been included in Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art permanent collection.

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