• divano blu mantilla 290 designer Kazuhide Takahama

Sofa Mantilla 290

Year: 1974
First production: Simon International
Material: plywood base, polyurethane foam structure covered with black fabric, chenille velvet cloth with snaps fitting on metal rods inserted into the structure
Colours chenille cloth: green, blue, white and black
Dimensions: cm W 290 D 86 H 70 | in W 114,1 D 33,8 H 27,5


Mantilla suits to the silence and quiet elegance of the morning light while in the evening it’s right for very large or smaller rooms. So mutable and perfect to change its cloth in a flash, it can be dressed up for a dinner and easily undressed if it gets dirty, every day in a new guise.

Mantilla was so called because of the mantle which covers it, thus distinguishing its look. The idea comes from an ancient memory, that is taking care of the furniture of the holiday mansions by covering them with fabrics during the long winter months.

Each piece has its cloth which is perfectly contoured on the structure and hooked by means of suitable pressure buttons, so that it’s easily replaceable. The sofa can be equipped with more than one cloth, thus renewing the look of a room depending on the season in an instant, but even for particular events or used without cloth, left to its original aspect.

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