Fausto by Novelli Finotti in preview at 2018 Design Week in Milan.

5 April 2018

Paradisoterrestre is glad to announce the re-edition of Fausto by Novelli Finotti. His work will be officially shown on the occasion of 2018 Design Week taking place in Milan, available in a limited edition of 100 pieces which will be personally signed and engraved by the artist.

In Finotti’s fantastic world one has the insinuation of a throb of reality, a formidable impulse for
the sculptor who tries to grasp and retain its sense, incorporating it in his world.
“I have always used the body as a mean of expression and in this work I have used
the same concept”

Fausto, a small seating with a humanoid presence, represents in an exemplary way, the concept of “Ultramobile”, the operation conceived by Dino Gavina in 1971, created with the aim of adapting a surrealist work to daily use object, maintaining a strong ironic charge to be transferred into the house.